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Why Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Oil acts as the main lubricant for the moving parts in your car’s engine. It prevents the mechanical parts from undergoing excessive wear and tear. Its function is crucial to the smooth operation of the engine. So keeping the right amount of oil in the engine is important for ensuring that your car is continues to run properly.

Purpose of Motor Oil

Motor oil reduces the level of friction between the various moving parts that make up the engine. If friction between these parts becomes too much the parts will heat up, swell and bind. Good lubricants help keep the engine‘s temperature under control.

The oil continuously circulates throughout the engine. The oil filter helps to remove impurities that have been created during combustion.

Why your Car Needs an Oil Change

If the engine is running at a high temperature, it will cause the oil quality to break down over time. At that point, the oil will need be replaced.

Depending on the car’s model, age and its driving environment, the time between oil changes will vary. If your car is in an environment where you consistently expose it to dusty roads, harsh weather or stop and go traffic conditions, you will probably need to change the oil more often than if you were driving in cleaner conditions with fewer stops.

The quality of the fuel you put in your car can also determine how often you need an oil change. Fuels with certain properties don’t burn as efficiently; so they leave deposits behind. These deposits make it harder for the oil to keep flowing through the car’s engine smoothly. The consistency of the oil wears out more quickly in this instance than it normally would.

Your best bet is to choose a high-quality fuel for your car, since it will burn more efficiently and leave fewer deposits in your engine. It may cost more, but you will benefit from longer periods between oil changes and a cleaner engine.

The Best Place to Change Your Oil

When you need an oil change, call us to make an appointment. We can look after it, as well as your other auto service and auto repair needs.

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