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Why Your Car Needs a Spare Tire

Most modern vehicles no longer contain a spare tire. While alternatives are available, we still recommend having a spare tire in the trunk as an added safety measure. Summer, after all, is just right around the corner; this is the season of tire blowouts

Why Cars No Longer Have a Spare Tire

Most car manufacturers no longer include a spare tire to keep the weight down. The extra tire, along with the required jack and wrench, adds an additional 30 to 50 pounds to the car. The spare is also placed below the undercarriage of the car. Keeping that space open reduces air drag, thereby increasing aerodynamics.

Hybrid cars are also more common today. Hybrid models usually have less trunk space because the battery and electric components take up that space. This leaves even less room for the spare.

Spare Tire Alternatives

Many auto services recommend a spare tire as well as other solutions. An inflation kit is a common alternative. This is a sealant substance in an aerosol can that seals a puncture by coating the tire interior with a goo-like compound.

Inflation kits suffice for small punctures and can keep you on the road until you reach the nearest auto repair shop. However, these instant-tire-fix kits are useless for a severe blowout or a large gash on the sidewall. In addition, the fix can only keep the car going for another 10 to 50 miles, which may not be enough if you’re in a remote location.

We’ll Fix Your Flat

Bring your car to Premier Auto Services if you have a flat tire and are close by. We can instantly replace or patch the tire and have you back on the road in no time. Our repair financing makes all tire-related services affordable. Planning a summer road trip? Add a spare tire to your bring-along list.

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Instant Tire Repair and Replacement

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