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Monthly Archives: October 2017

The Signs of a Car Exhaust Leak

A car exhaust leak is dangerous. Aside from operational issues, it also creates a major safety hazard by releasing toxic and odorless fumes into the cabin. Do not hesitate to bring your vehicle to an auto service if you suspect a leak. 3 Signs of a Car Exhaust Leak Lower MPG A leak causes engine pressure fluctuation. This affects the oxygen sensor and in turn may decrease the total MPG by two to three miles. Louder Engine Noise Does the vehicle sound louder than usual when you accelerate? The increased engine roar may sound nice, but it’s having a negative effect. This is likely an indication of a leak near the exhaust manifold. Vibrations Do you feel a vibration in the steering wheel or pedal? A leak causes the escaped gas to enter into the steering mechanism, causing a light but noticeable vibration. Consequences of a Leaky Exhaust Noxious fumes like nitrogen oxide and carbon ... read more


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