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Is Mixing Tires a Good Idea?

You will need to replace your car tires eventually. This leads to multiple questions: Is mixing tires a good idea? Should I replace all four even if only one or two are worn? We’ll provide answers to ensure you have the right tires for your type of vehicle. Mixing Tires Is Not a Good Idea Mixing tires is generally a no-no. Do not mix tires of different sizes, internal constructions, or tread patterns. Also, do not mix winter with all-season tires. If your car contains the relatively new run-flat tires, do not mix them with non-run-flat ones. Mixing tires affects the car’s traction, control, and stability. Replace Two or Four Tires Most auto repair services recommend replacing all four tires if your budget allows for it. If not, then replace two, but never replace just one. Ideally, all four tires wear out at the same time. This is a sign that your car’s many intricate parts worked in unison to equalize tire per ... read more


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